Something else I learnt while in South Africa

I recently wrote about attending my niece’s wedding in South Africa, and how I had to visit the chiropractor after a night on a bad mattress. While the backpain was not the most enjoyable experience while in Africa, the visit to the chiro actually helped me in more way than one.

Firstly, the friendly doctor managed to relieve my back pain, but while she was doing her thing she noticed the scar I have on my arm. This was from a vehicle accident I was involved in 6 months ago. Luckily it wasn’t that big of an accident, but I did get a nasty scar on my left forearm.

I knew after the accident I am supposed to be treating it to reduce the scarring, but just never got around to it. I know, I know… Worst excuse ever. Anyway, this chiropractor told me how she was searching for the best scar removal cream, and how she tested a number of scar products on the market. She eventually picked Revitol Scar Removal Cream, and she had excellent results with it.

She recommended that I start using it on my scar. She said that the biggest thing I can do to get results, is to absolutely stick with for a couple of months. I have been using it for two months now, and there has been a visible reduction in the scar. I plan to be using it for another two months at least. The wife couldn’t be happier!

If you would like to read more about Revitol scar cream, click on the link below:

Click here to read more about Revitol Scar Removal Cream

This lady certainly left an impression on me, and I now owe her two big favours!

My most recent travels to South Africa turned out painful

my chiropractor pretoria gave me instant back pain relief

I recently had to travel to South Africa for a niece’s wedding. I really looked forward to it since I haven’t been to Africa before. Little did I know that it would be quite a painful trip.

Let me start off with saying that the country, its scenery and its people are absolutely beautiful. Everywhere I went I was greeted by smiling faces, and helpful hands. The trouble came in when I slept on a bad mattress in a bed and breakfast in Pretoria  that my sister booked without checking on them first.

This led to me waking up with some horrible backpain on the day before the wedding. I was barely able to stand up. Now as most of you know I am not a spring chicken by any means, but I haven’t had any back pain before.

We quickly had to get it checked out, as I was to bring my niece in during the wedding service. She would not appreciate her uncle walking funny.

We made a few calls, and came across a lady that is supposed to be one of the best chiropractor in Pretoria. This lady knew what she was talking about!

I had a pinched nerve in my lower back, and with her gentle hands and her chiropractic skills she was able to relieve my pain within half an hour. I couldn’t believe it! I am now a staunch advocate of chiropractic treatments. If you are in Pretoria, and suffer from back pain (or even constant migraines/headaches), you can find this lady at

Make sure to tell her that Mu referred you.

Since my back pain was a thing of the past, we were able to do the test run for the walk down the aisle on the Friday before the big event. Everything went smoothly, and I managed to repeat my performance when it mattered most. It was more than a little scary walking down the aisle with 150 guests staring at you.

Actually, my niece looked so beautiful that I am 110% sure that not a single eye was on me. Scary nonetheless. I am sure she and her husband, who is in charge of a landscaping company in Pretoria, will live happily ever after.

It turned out be a beautiful ceremony, a fun reception and a unforgettable trip.

Happy travels!


Beaches and beautiful women retiring at 35

hairtoolsguideThere are two things I love most in the world. Beaches and women so to me, the best thing in the world is sitting on a beautiful beach talking to a beautiful women.

I used to tell my partner this and just laughed and called me an idiot, but secretly, I think she loved it. I used to love the way her hair would blow in the wind. It added loads of volume, like she had just used the Babyliss BIG HAIR brush.

Recently I was walking along a beach in France deep in my own thoughts. It was a windy day so not many people were around and I was just walking along watching the waves coming in. Then suddenly something bumps into my legs and I look down to see this small puppy that just bounced into me. I bend over to stroke it and hear this female voice apologising for her dog. I look up and standing in front of me is a very attractive young women.

Thirty years ago I would have flirted outrageously y with her and tried to get her phone number. I’m too old for that now, so instead just chatted to her and enjoyed her company.

For the next half an hour I had a very pleasurable walk with this lovely young lady who told me her story. She was a hair model and had recently done a magazine photo shoot in Paris.

It was for a review of the babyliss CURL secret which I assume is designed to make your hair curly. It sounded as though she enjoyed her job a lot but sensed that it would be coming to an end soon. She was starting to feel too old around the younger models.

I asked her age and nearly had a heart attack when she replied. She was only thirty five. What a crazy world we live in, when you feel like you have to retire at 35!

Anyway, I enjoyed that fleeting time with her knowing that we would never meet again but the brief conversation we had together was enjoyable for both of us.